Friday, April 18, 2014

Classic Individual Marathon Challenge

Run a full marathon over the course of a weekend

Test your power and endurance + a little fun along the way!


In 2013, the Walgreens St. Pete Beach Classic Weekend added a 
3.8 mile beach fun run to the weekend's growing schedule of events!
This addition created a new race and a new competition too.

The Classic Marathon Challenge gives you the chance to run a full marathon on race weekend. 

Here's the math
+ 3.1 mile (5K) Race
+ 6.2 mile(10K) Race
+ 3.8 Mile Beach Race
+ 13.1 Mile Half-Marathon
26.2 Miles for a Full Marathon!

Here in St. Pete Beach, FL, we run this distance race spread
out over a weekend, with two beach parties, a bonfire,
and a good night's rest in the mix. 
We call this event the Classic Marathon Challenge!!  

Here are the Prices

$100 through 8/31/2013

$110 through 10/31/2013

$140 before on-line registration closes 1/12/2014

$160 at the Expo on Friday.

I like what I see! I want to REGISTER NOW!


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